History of Agenda™ / Milestone
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History of Agenda™ / Milestone

“Madam, we have thorough checked your house and found serious termite attack signs. Do not worry as we would like to recommend Bayer’s termite solution using Agenda™ to treat your house…. “

This statement sound very familiar when Bayer launched its first non-repellent “Agenda™” termiticide with a unique mode of action combines structural protection and colony management to Singapore market since November 2001.

Agenda™ contains the active ingredient fipronil, which is extremely effective on termites at ultra-low doses and strong binding to soil, which minimizes environmental effects. Besides the benefits mentioned above, the termite colony management also improves the performance and reliability of control resulted greater customers confident.

Ever since the first day introduction, Agenda™ has received well responses from the homeowner for being able to protect their premises for 5 years duration even under tropical conditions thereby providing the longest period of protection of any currently available termiticides.

Furthermore the unique approach of external-only drilling possible where no infestation is present, thus minimizing disturbance. This has provided greater satisfaction to the homeowner as it offers less intrusive treatment and yet greater protection.

This year 2011 marks a complete 10 years anniversary for Agenda™ that has provided thousands of premise a reliable termite protection…..Let’s celebrate and give further support to continue our homes sustainable termite protection !!!

*AgendaTM is strongly recommended for treatment and protection of existing buildings and structures.

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Technical information

Agenda™ is rated the number one termite defence product in the world. Agenda™ is the most effective and fastest at completely eliminating termite populations.

In many situations, termites do not worry us. But when they threaten structures, the need for termite protection becomes paramount.

Protective measures, such as the subterranean chemical treatment, can be taken to prevent termites from damaging structures. The chemicals used are applied by professionals and form a barrier that prevents termites' access to the structure.

Traditionally these chemicals work in one of two ways: either as a toxic barrier - which prevents termite entry by killing termites as they encounter the chemical in the soil; or as a repellent barrier - which deters termites from entering the treated soil.

Agenda™ acts differently compared to other termite control products.

When applied, little do foraging termites realise it, but when they enter treated soil, they unknowingly pick up ultra-low doses of Agenda's active ingredient.

What they also don't realise, is that this ultra-low dose of Agenda™ is enough to threaten not only their own existence, but also their termite nestmates back at the colony.

Due to Agenda's unique mode of action on termites, it does not only protects structures, but manages the termite colony as well. No other product acts this way.

Agenda™ is used at very low dose rates so it will have minimal impact on the environment. Agenda™ is soft on earthworms, soil microflora, and plants.

The unique Agenda™ solution provides structural protection and colony management.

Termite control is notoriously difficult because damage is often extensive before termites are detected, and because the source (or nest) is normally difficult to locate.

Traditional control methods have relied on creating a chemical barrier to stop termites from entering a structure (figure 1).

More recently termite baits (figure 2) have been introduced, but during the time these baits take to work, damage to the structure can continue to occur.

Agenda™ works in two ways when applied to soil, thus giving a significant performance advantage, and increases the reliability and success of termite treatment.

First, Agenda™ manages the termite colony by contaminating foraging termites with ultra-low doses of active ingredient. As the mortality of these termites is delayed with these ultra-low doses, the termites are able to pass on the active ingredient to other members of the termite colony before they die. This transfer of active ingredient is highly efficient with Agenda™ and results in a significant decline in the activity of the colony.

Second, Agenda™ protects structures by killing termites that wander into treated soil. Termites will die before they can gain access to the structure.

No other termiticide (soil applied or bait) offers this dual action termite management solution. Agenda™ has set new Standards in termite control.

It is the only Soil termiticide to combine structural protection with colony management; resulting in 100% control with no exceptions.


Pour the required quantity of Agenda™ 10 SC into a mixing tank half filled with water. Stir thoroughly. Finally, fill the tank with the remaining balance of water to the correct level and mix well. Use a volume of 5 times solution per square metre area.

Thoroughly apply either as a drench, coarse spray or by rodding and injection to the target area.

Use Recommended Dilution Rate Recommended volume of finished solution per m2 or linear metre
Pre / Post construction soil treatment by direct application to the soil or by trenching. 1:160
(6.25 ml Agenda : 1 L water)
5 Litres
Post construction soil treatment by rodding 1:160
(6.25 ml Agenda : 1 L water)
For 1.5 L solution per hole at 30cm interval
(2 ml Agenda : 1 L water)
For 5 L solution per hole at 30cm interval

Always ensure minimum 3 grams of active ingredient (fipronil) is applied per square metre or per linear metre.

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Methods of application (domino effect)
Step 1
Foraging termites are not repelled and enter treated soil

Step 2
The termites become contaminated with Agenda

Step 3
The contaminated termites do not die immediately, and continue
to interact normally with many other termites

Step 4
Through frequent interactions, the contaminated termites pass-on Agenda
to many other termites in the colony

Step 5
Through continuing interaction of the termites, Agenda is passed back
through the colony to the nest itself

Agenda™ has a unique mode of action. Agenda™ utilizes a new class of chemistry - fipronil, from the phenyl pyrazole group. This new active ingredient provides Agenda with it's unique mode of action and major benefits to termite control professionals and their customers.

As they enter treated soil, termites will pick up active ingredient from the soil; but will not die immediately, due to the insufficient concentration to cause their rapid mortality.

Termites interact with one another through contact. This way, Agenda's active ingredient (fipronil) is passed on from one termite to another; just like a contagious disease. However, this low concentration of fipronil would not kill contaminated termites immediately.

At these ultra-low concentrations, the contaminated termites survive long enough to interact with other termites, and in the process, pass on the active ingredient before they die.

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World's best
  • Agenda's Proven Performance
    Agenda's performance has been proven in the field around the world, in all types of conditions, and in the most difficult to control situations.

  • Performance in Asia-pacific
    In Asia, Agenda has been tested in the field in Japan, Philippines, Australia, Thailand, India and Indonesia.

    Due to the tropical conditions and high intensity of termites often encountered in Asia, these trials represent the toughest test for an termiticide.

    Based on the results of these trials, which are still ongoing, a rate of 0.06% (AI) is recommended.

    Where the 0.06% rate is applied and label recommendations are followed, we would expect Agenda to provide structural protection for at least 5 years.

  • Worldwide Performance
    In a series of trials conducted by the United States Department of Agriculture - Forest Service, Agenda indicated an unprecedented 100% control a full five years at all sites, located across the USA.

    No other termiticide in recent history has demonstrated such complete effectiveness at such a range of sites.

    In addition, more than 100 single family dwellings and apartments from New York and Oklahoma to Florida and Hawaii were treated with Agenda, under Experimental Use Permit (EUP) authorisation.

    These dwellings varied widely in size, structure, climatic zone, and soil type, and most treatments were exterior.

    100% control was verified in every case within 3 months of application.

    In Europe, more than 20,000 homes have been treated over the past four years without a single failure or callback.

Comparison Table of Various Termiticidein Singapore
  Agenda 10SC Premise 200SC Prothor Optigard
Active Ingredient Fipronil Imidacloprid Imidacloprid Thiamethoxam
Manufacturer Bayer Bayer Ensystex Syngenta
Approved by NEA Singapore for local termiticide usage (Yes) (Yes) (Yes) (Yes)
Giving slow-acting chemical mechanism to termite control (Yes) (Yes) (Yes) (Yes)
Non-repellent (did not repel termite but focus on termite killing) (Yes) (Yes) (Yes) (Yes)
Solid and comprehensive research with standard termiticide test by United States Department of Agricultural (USDA)*
• > 5 years effective testing result
Listed in USDA test result
(Indicated as the best termiticide, with the longest residual efficacy in an average at all tested sites)
Listed in USDA test result NOTlisted in USDA test result NOTlisted in USDA test result
Control effect on termite colony Subterranean Termite Colony Management with 5 years structural protection Subterranean Termite Colony Suppression with 3 years structural protection Subterranean Termite Control Subterranean Termite Control
Numbersof yearof the termiticidebeen widely used in local for termite infestation >10 years >12 years <5 years <3 years
Performance in soil as a termite control: 
• Soilbinding ability - Kocvalue (ml g-1)(the higher value indicatethe stronger binding to enhancetermiticideefficacy in soil)
• Solubility in water(mg L-1) (the lower value indicate the reduction in leaching potential)
Unknown weak
Unknown High
Performance warranty under recommended dose Backedby Bayer and by Pest Control Operator (PCO) By PCO only By PCO only By PCO only
** Based on 2008 USDA termiticidereports on 4 sites: namely in Arizona, Mississippi, Florida and South Carolina.
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Approved by local authorities

As an alternative to chemical soil treatment, developers and architects may wish to consider the suitability of using non-chemical termite management systems or physical termite barrier systems.

Please note that the above chemicals are controlled as hazardous substances under the Environmental Protection and Management Act. Pest control operators are required to apply for a Hazardous Substances Licence/ Permit to buy and use controlled hazardous substances. You may refer to the web page on HAZARDOUS SUBSTANCES CONTROL for more information.

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